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Things have changed a lot in how you apply for a job today.  You really need a professional to assist you.  Once upon a time you could walk in and say “here I am and this is what I have done” and you get the job!  Not any more, you must have a Resume.  With the age of online applications a lot of people prepare their own without really knowing what is required.

We have developed a resume format over a period of 15 years and keep abreast with what type of information is required for your Resume.  We know what people are looking for and this will give you a much better chance of getting to an interview.

For “Selection Criteria”, there is a number of questions you need to answer specifically based on your experience and knowledge.  We can help you put this information onto paper.  Often people have trouble selling themselves or putting their experience into words – we can help!

Resumes and Application Letter writing service

A well written application letter addressing all the criteria listed in the advertisement is a major component in applying for a job.

We also believe that it is very important for you to include a covering application letter, generally only one page.  This is a summary of your experience and skills and how these meet the requirements for the position you are applying for.  This is really an introduction to your Resume and will invite potential employers to read further.

We require an initial appointment to discuss with you your history and where you want your resume to take you. We also keep your resume and application letters on file, so if you need to update or would like to apply for another job in the future – we can help for a very low cost.

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